7 Must Do Easy Travel Tips For Cheap Family Vacations

Are you ready to start planning your next vacation but struggling with your budget? Need a cheap family vacation? Is it hard to part with your hard-earned money? If this describes you, please keep reading. You’ll find seven cheap family vacation travel tips that can easily help you save money. Use these tips and watch the price of your vacation fall.1 – Advance PlanningMany novices looking for travel deals believe the best prices are available at the last minute, but they’re mistaken. Although it’s true that some hotels and airlines offer last-minute travel discounts and deals, they are not guaranteed. You might waste weeks waiting for that promised discount that never arrives. Fortunately, several car rental companies, hotels and airlines offer discounts that can help you save money throughout the year. Find one, because it should be just as good as a last-minute discount.2 – Stay Away From Airlines with All Those Extra FeesAirlines have been losing money during the last few years. Many have compensated for their losses by not only increasing their ticket prices, but raising their fees as well. You should compare ticket prices on various airlines, but you should also compare the airlines’ additional fees. If you’re unable to avoid those fees, especially fees for baggage, become familiar with them and pack carefully to keep them to a minimum.3 – Flexibility in Your ScheduleWhen you’re planning a trip but your budget is tight, it helps to be flexible and willing to experiment with different travel dates and times. For example, it’s almost always less expensive to fly on Wednesdays than Fridays. Plan your vacation toward the beginning or end of summer or holiday periods like Christmas and Thanksgiving weeks to get the best deals on hotels and flights. Avoid planning your trip on dates when popular sporting events or business conventions are scheduled, because that’s when hotels are apt to charge higher rates and fill up quicker. Some advance planning can really help.4 – Hotel Freebies can be a Real DealWhen you’re looking into accommodations, watch for hotels that offer extras to their guests. A free breakfast combined with reasonable room rates is perfect. Look for any special discounts or deals that hotels with a restaurant on the property might offer to its guests.5 – Travel Websites Can HelpYou can find Priceline.com and many other travel websites with a basic Internet search. These places won’t always guarantee they have the cheapest prices, but it never hurts to try. Many give discounts on travel packages where two or three travel arrangements are booked together.6 – Don’t Completely Depend on Travel WebsitesAs mentioned above, travel websites have their advantages, but they don’t necessarily give you the best deals. When all you need is a hotel room or a flight instead of a vacation package, the smart thing to do is go directly to the source. Hotels, resorts, car rental companies and even airlines typically offer better rates and special deals on their websites. Actually, it’s good to compare the two methods. When it’s cheaper to get a travel package through a website, do it. When it’s not, make your travel arrangements separately.7 – Don’t Give the Airport Your MoneyPlane tickets are expensive, but it’s easy to spend too much at airports as well. Watch your money and eat a large meal before you leave for the airport. Bring some dry snacks from home, along with some books, magazines or movies to keep yourself entertained while you’re in the air. Walmart offers discounts on these types of things, so it’s a good place to buy them. They certainly will be more expensive at the airport.A cheap family vacation certainly doesn’t mean any lack of fun.

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